Wonderful Wednesday

How amazing is today?! I think it’s pretty stinking amazing! The weather is awesome. It’s currently 73 degrees! It feels like spring! I’m so excited, as if you couldn’t tell.😉 This week has been a somewhat odd week. I don’t know, I just didn’t feel great, and just different things going on. Nothing bad, just somewhat odd.😉 I did get some awesome news this week, but I’m not ready to share them just yet. I’m hoping maybe later this year I will be able to. I don’t want to leave anybody in suspense, but it’s just something really important to me so I’m hoping I can come back with good news later on this yeat.:)

I don’t have any tests this week so I’ve just been catching up on homework that I put off due to studying. I’ve been eating pretty healthy. I have also been able to run outside! On Sunday, I went home, had dinner, then set out for my 6 mile run. The weather was a tad bit chilly, but it was amazing to be running outside. My watch gave out at mile 2.5 so I just kept going since I knew what route to take to complete my 6 miles. It was dark by the time I finished, but it was almost 9 pm so it should be dark. Yesterday, I ran outside again. I completed my 4 miles in about 43 minutes which was pretty good since it was really windy. I think I got a little tan. I need to start working on it before summer.😉 Just kidding. I really need to wear sunscreen. I definitely try to protect my skin because my grandma had to have some skin removed so it could be tested and it came back positive that it was skin cancer. After that, I’ve tried to be more careful so I won’t have to deal with that. Protect your skin, guys!:) Today, my friend and I went to walk outside again since it’s so darn nice! We walked about 2 miles. It was hotttt. I loved it though.:) We came home, ate a snack, and headed to library to “study.” She studied, and I finished some homework, but then got on Pinterest for the rest of the time we were there. Oooops😉 I will finish the day being productive though. I still have a couple of hours before I go to bed.

On Monday, I made Mama Pea’s Healthier Homemade pop tarts. I burnt the bottom a bit, but they were still delish! If you haven’t made these, GO. NOW. They are amazing! I made them for my family this weekend, and they LOVED them! I’m trying to slowly try to get my family to eat healthier, so I’m making delicious recipes so they’ll like them.

I had my usual bowl of oats with 1/2 banana, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 tbsp PB, stevia, and cinnamon. I need to buy some greek yogurt so I can have that for breakfast now that it’s getting warmer outside.


mixed veggies in tomato paste, and some spices. My mom made this for me on Sunday so I could bring it back with me. I added black beans for protein. I also had an unpictured side of two small red potatoes with Annie’s organic BBQ sauce. Apple for dessert.

Unpictured handful (x3) of Annie’s Whole Wheat Bunnies.

Organic strawberries and grapes
unpictured 1/2 organic banana (left over from this morning)

JICAMA with some chili powder! This vegetable totally reminds me of Mexico because we would eat this all the time when we would go visit family. Love it! It’s crunchy and tastes amazing when it’s cold. You can also add it to salads for an extra crunch.


Dr. Praegers burger on a whole wheat english muffin with a side of cucumbers and carrots. So filling.

So I’ve been wondering why in the world I’m so hungry! I’ve tried to follow my cues of when to eat, but I could never get satisfied. I figured out that I haven’t been drinking enough water. DUH Jessica! So I’m going to make sure that I’m drinking enough water so I don’t eat everything in my kitchen.😉

I need to get back to homework. Bye!!

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  1. wow, those poptarts look sooooo good! Good luck with homework!


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