The Great Run That Didn’t Happen

Hi!! So remember on my last post I said I was going to tackle a 4 mile run? Yeah, that didn’t happen. I went out completely ready to dominate my run only to be crushed after mile 1. Okay, so I might be a little dramatic, and I wasn’t completely crushed, but my running pride was a bit hurt. I decided to run outside because it was beautiful! I headed out, and I started okay. About 0.5 miles, my legs started feeling really heavy. It also didn’t help that the wind was like 100 MPH. I ended up stopping after a mile and walked another. I came home feeling really defeated. I know I shouldn’t have set high expectations for my run especially since I had been sick and hadn’t ran in a week and a half. I know I set myself up for failure. I now know from experience that all runs aren’t going to be perfect.

Sunday night I decided that I wanted to try to run as much as I could. I had about 8 miles scheduled, but I told myself that I would just listen to my body and stop if I needed to. I made it 5 miles!! After the first mile, my body remembered what it was supposed to do which was awesome. I stopped at 5, but I know I could have totally tackled the 8. I’m so happy that I had a great run though.

I also ran 3.5 miles yesterday morning before my class. I was a little tired, but they weren’t terrible. I’m going to use this week to build my mileage back up to where I need to be.:)

The past couple of days I’ve spent studying for my Organic Chemistry test that I had last nighy. I’m trying to make an A in it, so I have to put in a lot of time. I have to keep reminding myself that I only have like 5 weeks left of school so I need to keep going. IT’S ALMOST SUMMER BREAK!!😀

Recent Eats:

Egg sandwich on Ezekiel bread, 1 whole egg, and some cheese.

Dr. Praegers burger on Ezekiel bread with spinach, tomato, and ketchup. Side of baby carrots.

I’ve eaten a lot more food than this, but since I studying for my test has taken most of my time, I kinda forgot to take pictures of the rest of my food.

I hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday! Bye!!

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  1. mmmm I loooove Ezekiel bread:)

  2. Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope

     /  April 5, 2012

    Can’t believe it’s almost summer! Thank god!:) I have two classes this semester that have been taking up my life too. It’s takes a lot of time and effort, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end!


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