Here We Go Again (OKC Memorial Half Marathon #2)

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing great. I’ve been super busy with school especially with finals starting next week. I cannot believe this semester is coming to an end. It seriously feels like we just started school yesterday. This semester has flown by. Besides being busy with school, I’ve been training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I’m not going to lie, I’ve missed quite a few training runs during the week, but I have completed all my long runs. A couple of weeks ago, I did a 14 mile run because I wanted to make sure my body could handle the half marathon. I was so excited when I finished because I felt great! Needless to say, I am very excited for Sunday! 🙂 This half marathon will also be more fun for me because I have two of my brothers running it with me! 🙂 Last year after I came home from the race, they both said they wanted to run it with me this year, and they both stuck to their word. I always try to convince people that running IS fun, but now my brothers have been able to experience for themselves. This will be our first race together for all three of us, but I’ve run a couple of shorter races with both of my bros.

Jose & I at the OKC Turkey Tracts 5K

Jose & I at the OKC Turkey Tracts 5K

Adrian & I at the Strides of March 5K in OKC

Adrian & I at the Strides of March 5K in OKC

Like I said, I’m really excited that we will start the race together. I know eventually they will take off because they are quite a bit faster than I am, but just being able to have them there means a lot.

When I ran the half marathon last year, I felt like I had something to prove. A lot of people thought I was crazy and didn’t really think I was going to go through with it, and it felt so good to finish knowing that I had proved everyone wrong. Last year, I needed to finish this race to bring up confidence in myself. I had been through a semi rough year the year before so this race helped realize that if I set my mind to something, I can accomplish it. This year, this half marathon is about having fun. I would love to run faster than last year, but I just want to have fun especially since I’m running it with my brothers. This race will be a nice little break from the finals coming up.

What will I fuel with? I’ve tried a couple of different things, but my favorites have been the Gu chomps and Clif bloks.


Watermelon is my favorite flavor. I tried the gels, but they were just not agreeing with my stomach. It’s also easier for me to just chew these. I’m hoping to find a Spibelt or something similar to it so I can carry my chomps and phone with me during the race.

What’s on my half marathon playlist? Well as of right now, I don’t have a set playlist. I’m a slacker. I’m definitely a Top 40s hits girl so anything upbeat that is popular right now will likely be on my playlist.

Race day outfit and shoes? I don’t have an outfit picked out yet. (oops). I do have my shoes and socks picked out though. I’m wearing the Nike LunarGlides and some Lululemon socks.

Anyways, I’m off to get some studying done.

Are you racing this weekend?
Good luck to everyone that has a race!

Favorite running songs?
Help a girl out? 🙂

What do you carry your belongings in?


Praying For Boston

I’m sure most of you have heard of this terrible tragedy. It truly breaks my heart. Knowing that the people out there today were there because they worked really hard to qualify for this race, and I’m sure it was something that meant a lot to those runners that family, friends, and just awesome people were out there to support them and celebrate with them what is such an amazing thing.

Running is an amazing thing. It can be a healer for some. For others, it’s a way to relieve stress. Others just do it for the love of the sport. Everyone has a different story, but running brings all of us together. It saddens me to think that someone would want to take the joy from us.

Praying for strength, comfort, and healing for all of those in Boston ❤

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GNC Orange Cream Lean Shake Review

About a week ago, I received a package from GNC! I was so excited to receive the orange cream lean shake protein powder! I had been eyeing this flavor especially since the weather has been warming up. I love smoothies when the weather gets warmer!



The first thing I did was make a green smoothie! It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a green smoothie, and it tasted like I was eating dessert! IMG_3060

I loved that the protein powder made the smoothie thick! I forgot to add ice, but I am pretty positive this would have tasted like an orange push pop if I would have added ice!:) The flavor was so creamy, and definitely covered the spinach taste.

The stats on this are awesome.
For 2 scoops there are:

  • 200 calories
  • 3g total fat
  • 9g fiber(!!!)
  • 3g sugar
  • 25g protein

I love when protein powders include fiber because I really feel like it is an important part of a diet, and this has 9 grams of fiber! Even if you only used one scoop, you would still get a good amount of fiber and protein.

I couldn’t just do this review without making one of my favorite meals. PROTEIN PANCAKES!! 🙂



It tasted so good in my protein pancakes. I wasn’t sure how orange cream would be in pancake form, but it was delicious. I will definitely using this to make my pancakes again.:)

I will definitely be buying this when I run out. The flavor was amazing, and the texture it gave my smoothies was nice and thick which you can’t get from a lot of protein powders.

What is your favorite way to use protein powder?

Did you ever eat orange push pops when you were younger? 


*GNC sent me their product to review through FitFluential. All opinions are my own.*