OKC Memorial Marathon 2013

Hey guys!

So last weekend was awesome! The OKC Memorial Marathon is awesome. Everyone that ran the race or spectated the race was awesome. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the running community? It’s seriously the best filled with such amazing people. All of last week, I was PUMPED for this half. More excited than I have ever been for ANY race. Not that I wasn’t excited for other races, but this is what I spent the last 4 months training for. I was so ready to go out there and get my beloved PR. I really felt I could beat last year’s half marathon time by AT LEAST 10 minutes which to me was so so exciting.

My oldest brother and I headed to the expo on Saturday morning to pick up our packets. This is when things started to get real.:) Being at the expo made me even more excited than I already was (I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack;). We were looking around the expo, and of course, I still didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to wear except I knew that I wanted to wear a tank. I was walking past one of the booths, and I spotted this super cute tank. I went over and decided that THIS was my race day tank. Then I noticed it was completely see through. Crap. I knew this was meant to be when I found the gray tank to go underneath the pink mesh tank in my size. Perfect.:) I had to buy it (of course), and they were also offering a 20% discount.

Brooks tank with another gray brooks tank underneath

Brooks tank with another gray brooks tank underneath

We walked around a while longer then I saw the wall of bibs for the people who were in the OKC bombing.


No one gets a bib number below 169. Every victim gets their own bib which is just amazing. By the way, the lady clearly didn’t realize she was in my picture. Oops;)

After the expo we headed home, then around 7, we went back to OKC to spend the night in a hotel. My brother and I flipped a coin. I lost so I had to sleep on the pull out couch.

Race morning:

I woke up two minutes before my 4AM alarm went off. I was excited. I had my usual breakfast, and I took my Keurig with me for some coffee.

Adrian and I in the port-a-potty line

Adrian and I in the port-a-potty line

We waited like 30 minutes for a shuttle to pick us up so when we arrived at the race, we kinda had to hurry to go to the bathroom and get lined up. We didn’t end up in our corral so we didnt’ start until about 10 minutes after the starting time.

My bros and I before the race started

My bros and I before the race started

We finally made it across the starting line. It was a little congested at first, but by mile 1, I was in a good pace. I felt awesome the first half of the race. Around mile 8 things started to go downhill. My IT band started bothering so I stopped at a medical tent to see if they could tape it. Unfortunately, that didn’t help. As I kept going, it got worse, of course. By mile 10, I was walking. I finished the race walking because no one was there to pick me up. We rode the shuttle so we didn’t have a car. I finally finished in 2:44:xx. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed. But not every race is going to be great, and I just have to keep reminding myself that. It’s hard, especially when you know you’re goal was within reach…until my IT band decided to be a jerk. lol.

I really really want to do another half marathon. Unfortunately, there aren’t any in OK until the fall. I guess it’s better so I can give my knee the rest it needs. I’ve been icing, stretching, and foam rolling A LOT this week, and it feels 20 times better! I hope to get moving again soon. 🙂

Have you ever had IT band issues? How did you make it better?

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  1. This is one race I’d like to do. I was out of town this year though. As for ITB, rolling and stretching then strength exercises. Roll roll and roll some more!

  2. I had a pretty bad case of IT Band when training for my fall marathon – foam rolling was my savoir along with stretches. Sorry to hear that the race didn’t go as planned but that only means your next one will be epic 🙂

    • Thanks, girl! 🙂 it’s a pain to deal with, but I’m hoping to come back better. Did you ever wrap your knee or anything to help with the pain? It still bothers me when I run, but not when I cross train


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